Andrew Taylor

I am an IT Infrastructure and Solutions Architect involved in a wide range of technologies and projects at Rentokil Initial. I am responsible for the design of technical solutions including infrastructure and service and an integral part of a team participating in a number of high-profile business projects.

I am also the proprietor of Hey Presto! Internet Services - a small business providing web design and development services, web and email hosting, domain portfolio management, IT consultancy and auditing. My biggest project is the design and ongoing management of the East Grinstead Town Council web site, which won Local Council Web Site of the Year in 2004. Read more about my professional profile on my LinkedIn page. 

I also enjoy digital photography and share the best of my portfolio on Flickr. I started a photo-of-the-day project, but found that it was making me take "bad" photos, just to ensure a photo that day, so I've stopped. I'm now an Instagram user also as this allows me to capture key moments that are worthy of sharing.

I've recently started a mini blog on Tumblr - again, I used to have a proper hosted Wordpress blog (a playground for development as well as content), but it fell by the wayside. The Tumblr platform is a bit more suited to my infrequent and relatively short style of writing in this way.

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